Taking Pictures in Szolnok, Hungary

My name is Tim Baugh. My professional career is working in Television, where I now work for a broadcast graphics software company as a vendor.  As a hobby, I started taking photos in 2003 and began to perfect my skills in 2005. In the Summer of 2009, I started a new job and learned about HDR (High Dynamic Range) and this new type of photography that took off. In a year, I upgraded my equipment and started taking full HDR photos. I am still learning a lot in this, but I hope that you are inspired and amazed at some of my shots.

My education is that I hold a BA in Electronic Media Production from Harding University and a MFA in Web Design and New Media from the Academy of Art University.

I am always looking for ways that I can improve my skills, so if you have some suggestions, please pass them along.

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